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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society


To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"


Rambukkan divisional secretariat is one of the 11 divisional secretariats in the Kegalle district. The access route of above division as follows.  Proceed 3km from Kegalle town through Kegalle, Kandy road and arrive at Karadupona Junction. Then proceed 8km from Karadupona Junction through Kegalle Rambukkana road and arrive at Main town of Rambukkana in the divisional secretariat division of Rambukkana which is situated north by  Kurunagala district,  South by Kegalle divisional secretariat, East  by Kandy district and Mawanella divisional secretariat, West by Galigamuwa divisional secretariat .

This division is 133.11 Square km in extent and situated 100-900 feet elevation above the sea level.  Afore said division consists of 89 Gramaniladhari divisions and 217 villages. Rambukkana division main water resources are rivers which are Maoya, Kudaoya, Bohora oya and Rambukkanaoya. The  Bohoraoya is a branch of Rambukkanaoya . Paddy cultivation is the main lively hood of people who are living in this area. Main cash crop is Rubber. In addition to that Coconut and minor crops are cultivated for export purpose. Further this division is famous for plantain, Rambuttan fruits cultivation.

People belongs to all ethnic groups live in Rambukkana divisional secretariat in which majority people are Buddhist . Mean while high percentage of women consists in the population of this division. Daliwela Kotawehera, Padavigampala Galmassa and Temple of Dambulla are historically important places in this divisional secretariat. Also Elephant Orphanage of Pinnawala is a world famous Tourist destination.

Through this division main Railway route which leads to hill country passing Rambukkana town. Public Transport and Private Transport provide bus facilities to reach cities and towns from Rambukkana town.  Rambukkana town is a fascinating town which development work is accelerated.




Archeologist discovered that according to the archaeological facts historically important information about Dhambulla, Padavigampola, Daliwala, Meeduma, Udanwita, Mottappuliya, Narambedda, Parape, Diyasunnatha, Kadigamuwa, Kubaldiwela and Mangalagama etc…. in the Rambukkana division in the Ginigoda korale, in Sathara Korale preassumed to be belongs to pre history era.

Padavigampola Gal Kamaraya
Daliwela Kota wehera
Meeduma Len Viharaya
Dambulla Temple
Mottappuliya Temple
Parape Inscription
Kadigamuwa Nagawanaaramaya
Kubaldiwela Raja Maha Viharaya
Alulena Monastery


Padavigampola Gal Kamaraya preassumed to be belongs to pre history era (Shila Manchakaya) is situated in the Padavigampola area in the divisional secretariat division of Rambukkana. This architecturally valuable architecture is not found any part of Sri Lanka to date which architectural cultural features were belonged to people who lived before arrival of Wijayawatharanaya. Proceed 2.5 km to Rambukkana, Walgama road turn left and proceed about 1 km sub road which leads to this place. It is not revealed that either this Gal Kamaraya which is covered by stone wall belongs to pre history era chair or places of worshiped by people of above era There are many stones caves situated 1 km from north direction of above stone cave. It is revealed through inscription that village head men and area administrators transfer possession of Gal Kamaraya owner ship to Buddhist priest. Also historical fact revealed that it is believed to be Maharahathan priests lived in the above Gal Kamaraya.



Proceed about 2.5 km from Rambukkana town until road leads to Dombemada and arrive at Deliwala Kota Wehera. According to the Archeologist this archaeological valuable Dhagaba was built by bricks covering small Rocks in the center which is not found anywhere in Sri Lanka. Archeologist assumed that this temple has been built by the order King called Devanampiyathissa. One of the proposed Dhagaba was built about 6 km far from Gallena for the Sangamiththa and followers. Archeologist discovered a special feature of construction of is unique from other Dhagaba in which consist valuable Karaduwa. The special features of this Dhagaba which is built with wooden sticks.


Proceed about 1.5 km from Rambukkana Walgama road and arrive at Meeduma cave Temple in the left side. According to the legend, Mahinda Maha Rahathan priest arrived from Anuradhapura visited Kota Wehera Dhathu for resting. Therefore this temple is called Meedumate Temple while surrounding area is called Meeduma. There is a beautiful large Galasanaya built in the middle of stone cave temple which is 10.5 feet length, 4.5 feet width and 4 inches thick finished with polish stone. Villagers said that this may be an ancient Mal Asana which is divided into nine parts.


The Temple is to be reached after climbing about 350 stone steps which is situated in the fascinating environment. Proceed about 3.5 km from Rambukkana to Kurunegala road through Dombemada and arrive at Dambulla temple which is situated at Dhambulla rock is called Kela Dhambulla Temple by the area people. It is said that, this stone cave Temple had been a hidden place of king Maha Walagamba was defeated by Dravidants, later King of first Buwanakabhahu came to this place and made as a Temple. But fail to complete Temple construction. Then temple construction had been completed with the Lewke Maha Adhikaram of Sathara Korale of Kandy era. Special features of this place there is a Buddha statue which cannot be found anywhere in Sri Lanka. In addition to that there are statues of god Wishnu and Lewke Adhikaram, picture of Perahara, Dhagaba and Bhodhiya.


It is very interesting tale of Udanvita Village proceed from Rambukkana to Kurunegala road through Dombemada and arrive at Kudagama, proceed left side of the road little distance and arrive at Udanvita Village. There was a village is situated south by Anuradhpura was called Brahma Chola according to the book of Saddharmalankaraya was written by Darmakeerthi Thera who lived Gampola era. It is called Bamunaulla at present. Brahma people who lived here and there were Black gram cultivation in the above place. Later they made this place as a new village. The temple was built in this black gram cultivation place because of there was water in this place.


According to the inscription which found in the place of Medagodella close to Rambukkana town.There are Bronze statue of God and stone roof are evidence that there was a Hindu Temple in Mottappuliya. Mottappuliya Hindu Temple under Katharagama Devalaya is belongs to Kandy era. Archeological department carrying researched in this place. More important information can be revealed in future.


There had been an ancient shelter close to Mawathagama, proceed from Rambukkana to Walalgoda and arrive close to Mawathagama road which leads close to old shelter. It is said that there an old inscription discovered in which there had been a market, business rules for businessmen have been mentioned in it according to the Mr M.D.P Bell’s report.


Proceed ¼ km from Rambukkana to Mawanella road turn right side of sub road, proceed little distance and arrive at Diyasunnatha Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe temple which is situated in the Rambukkana urban council limit. Two storeyed building is built with the stone foundation and using wooden pillar built by the king Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe who ruled Kandy is still with good condition. There are two storeyed building was found which is constructed using Kandy era architecture is called Pohoya Geya. This excellent Kandy era architecture reflect the beautiful sculpture of Somana and Maara war and bronze statue and flower designed carpet were gifted to Temple by Keerthy Sri Rajasinghe preassumed to be about centaury old.


Proceed 3 km from Rambukkana road from Mawanella and arrive at bazaar of Kadigamuwa turn right side and proceed 0.5 km and arrive at Kadigamuwa Nagawanaaramaya Temple which is one of the oldest Temple among the temples of the area. It is revealed by an ancient letter, after death of first Parakramabhahu, Wathhimi Buwanakabhahu became King during his rule, when the chief Bhikshu called Dharmananda thera who was going to worship Dhantha Dhathu and came to this place and constructed the temple during the period of King Buwanakabhahu’s rule. After that this Temple had been rehabilitated during the period of each king’s rule. It is protected until today.


This Temple is called Galen Temple is an ancient Temple which is situated closed to Colombo and Kandy road in between Mawanella and Kegalle. There are two stone statues in the temple and the temple is administrated by Kubaldiwela Rajamaha Wiharaya. This temple Dharmashala is the biggest Dharmashala among the Sathara Korala Dharmashalas. Today said Dharmashala is not found instead there is a two storeyed building consist of museum and Dharmashala. There are antiques, honor titles which are first is Ira Handa flag and fifth is Iluk leave which were awarded to Sathara Koralaya. In addition to that cloth which was gifted for offering of Berunda Pakshi, Hansa, Mayura, Sinha, Mal and Rawana flags were kept safely. It is said that these flags were taken for Kandy Perahera. Kubaldiwela Rajamaha Wiharaya is historically famous for its antiques.


This is one of archeological important temple is called Mangalagama bodi malakaramaya Temple. Mangalagama Brahma of India arrived and stayed in this place in the past. They kept Bor plant at out door which is brought with them and stayed in the rest room. And next day they found there Bor plant has been rooted. Then they planted and stayed at that place. The King constructed temple and gifted to them the village after hearing the above tale. The village which is gifted to Brahma is called Mangalagama. The Temple and the rest place is closed to Colombo Kandy road is considered as a Brahma resting place. Archaeological department reconstructed said rest room to it ald condition. This is considered to be oldest rest room in Sri Lanka.


Alulena Monastery is situated closed to 51 miles post in between Colombo and Kandy road which has been poorly developed. In A.D 43 King Walagamba came and stayed in the Alulena after war with Soli, there after king Walagamba secretly organized his forces who won the war and became king again. Then he constructed Temple in this place. In addition to that according to the legend during this period Tripitaka was complied as a book.


Divisional Secretary


Mr.W.L.R.Indika Liyanage